Friday, May 2, 2008

The Sunnat of Night

  1. To recite "Bismillah" while closing the doors and latching the lock {Bukhari}

  2. Containers with foodstuff should be covered {Bukhari}

  3. To put out any burning fire {Bukhari}

  4. To have available a container of surma and apply it thrice to each eye. {Mishkaat}

  5. To lay or spread the bed oneself. {Muslim}

  6. To dust the bed before sleeping. {Mishkaat}

  7. To make miswaak before sleeping. {Mishkaat}

  8. To sleep using pillows. {Muslim}

  9. To sleep on the floor, bedding or bed. {Nashrut tib}

  10. To sleep on the right side, facing qibla. {Bukhari}

  11. To sleep with the right hand under the head and the knees bent. {Bukhari}

  12. To recite "Allahumma bismika amautu wa ahya" - "O Allah


Islam,ZZZ religion of peace said...

From Jannat
Thnx I needed zis

Waseem said...

I feel i am the most unlucky person in the world for not being born in the times of Prophet (SAW)

naushin said...

namaz is the peace of heart it takes u close to ur allah

Anonymous said...

Nice commennts by all.
We r the luckiest persons bcoz we have not seen Allah,Prophet(sws), Sahaba(R.A)but still we believe in them. And also our duty is to spread islam which are the path of all Prophets.
Thanks Allah for giving such wonderful life and duty