Saturday, February 13, 2010

60+ EID-E-MILADUNNABI (Sallalaho’Alaihewasallam) Wallpapers for your Desktop | Eid Milad un-Nabi wallpapers

Taking the concept ‘First impression is always the last impression’, any unknown person switching your pc on can get positively affected through the first Islamic exposure at your desktop containing the name HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SALLALLAHO’ALAIHEWASALLAM). Now you can use EID-E-MILADUNNABI (SALLALLAHO’ALAIHEWASALLAM) wallpapers for the beautification of your desktop, as the Holy month of RABIULAWWAL has also come with all of its blessings for the Muslims throughout the world. You can never be left backwards while the rest enjoying these blessings subordinated by Allah to His accepted ones and getting SAWAB.

1. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

2. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

3. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

4. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

5. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

6. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

7. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

8. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

9. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

10. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

11. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

12. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

13. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

14. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

15. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

16. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

17. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

18. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

19. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

20. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

21. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

22. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

23. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

24. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)

25. Muhammad (salallahualaihiwaslm)