Friday, June 27, 2008


In a House of one Mr. Mohammad Farooq R/O ofTappachabutra,HyderabadTermite eat up a 100 years of old Quraan. All the cover was damaged and box wasdamaged and even the Urdu Translation was damaged but the termite did not touchthe Arabic words of Holy Quraan.This shows that the words of almighty ALLAH arealways preserved by almighty ALLAH even the termites did not damaged the Arabicverses. This Quran is kept for public display for 3 days at Majlish BachaoTahreek (MBT) office at chanchalguda Hyderabad.

Below photos shows that Maulana Sayed ShahBadur u Din Qadri al Gillani and Dr Khayam Khan, Mr.Amjad Ullah Khan and othersseeing the Miracle of quraan.The Salar Jung Museum administration has examinedand given the certificate also.

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