Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why The Prophet peace be upon him cannot be Allah's Noor?

Allah's noor can never be parted in any case. If some one believes that he sallallahu alaihi wasallam was a part of Allah's noor he is really a mushrik. However he sallallahu alaihi wasallam was from the noor Allah Almighty in such a way that no part of Allah's noor separated from the noor of Allah Almighty. It can be understood by an example that if we put a mirror in the direction of Sun so its reflection will appear in the mirror and no part of the sun will separate from it or it can be understand by the example that if we kindle a lamp by another burning lamp likewise if we kindle hundreds of lamps no light decreases from the first lamp but the all other lamps also be kindled. Likewise was the example of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, when the eternal noor of Allah Taala came on the mirror of edam (nothing) the first creation which came into being was our holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam in a manner no light separated from the eternal light of Allah Almighty.

Here I write down some proofs that our Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was not only a bashar but he was a noor too. These examples have been written in order to make it easy to understand otherwise Allah Almighty is beyond the examples.

Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas (Allah is well pleased with him) cousin of the holly prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon Him) says in the commentary of the verse 35 from chapter 24: Sura Noor. "The similitude of the Noor (Light) of Allah is Noor (light) of the Holy Prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon Him), when he was in the backs of ancestors". (Tafseer-e-Ibne Abbas page 372)

Now I am giving you the names of the books in which this hadith has been narrated. Allama Ibne Hagar hatiami wrote in his book that the hadith, "Undoubtedly Allah Almighty created the "Noor of Prophet Muhammad (Allah's grace and Peace be upon Him) before every thing", has been narrated by Imam Abdur Razzaq in his book of hadith (Fatawa -e- Hadithia, page 289) There are many other great ulmas who have narrated this hadith in their books , I am writing for you the names of few books with their writers

1. Allama Hassan -bin- Muhammad Diyar Becri, "Tarekh -ul- Khamees".
2. Shah Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlvi, "Madarig-un-Nabuwwah" Vol 2, page 2
3. Allama Zarqani, "Sherha Movahib", vol. 1, page 55
4. Allama Abdul Ghani, " Al Hadiqa tul Ndiyah", Vol. 2, page 375

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