Saturday, February 7, 2009

Surah 3 (Al-Imran), Aayat Number 142

  1. Before ALLAH has known the men fought hard. (The Quran Dar-Al-Choura) Beirut.
  2. While yet ALLAH knoweth not those of you who really strive. (Pickthal).
  3. Without God know who of you have struggled. (Arberry).
  4. While yet ALLAH has not known those who have striven hard. (Abdul Majid Daryabadi).
  5. While yet ALLAH (openly) has not seen those among you have striven on such occasion. (Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi).
  6. And yet ALLAH has not known those among you are to fight. (Maulana Mahmoodul Hassan),

"And yet ALLAH has not tested your warriours"
(Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan)

Now the readers can themselves see the difference of translating of this verse. Most of the translators while translating this verse have forgotten to remember that ALLAH is the knower of seen and unseen. God forbid! the general translators have given the conception that ALLAH does not know anything before its occurence.

Even a Qadiani translator has translated the verse in a better way "While ALLAH has not yet distinguished those of you that strive in the way of ALLAH". (Maulvi Sher Ali).

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