Friday, May 2, 2008

The Sunnat & Reward of Miswak

  1. "One who imitates One sunnah of mine, the sunnah of using the miswaak, as a result of this action he will remember the Kalima at the time of death."

  2. Abdullah bin Mas'ood (Radi Allah Anhu) once called out; "come let me teach you a piece of knowledge that will make you successful in the hereafter."

  3. At this all of the Sahaba gathered around, anxious to know what piece of knowledge was about to be revealed.

  4. Abdullah bin Mas'ood (Radi Allah Anhu) reached into his pocket and took out his Miswaak, and said "come let tell you how to attain Jannah, do you know how one should hold a Miswaak?" He then held the Miswaak placing his small finger at its lower end and his middle three fingers on the upper part, and then stroked his teeth with it.

  5. He then said: "He who holds the Miswaak in this way, just as the Master (Salaal Laahu Alaihi Wa Salaam) held it and brushes his teeth with it, I Mas'ood bear witness to the fact that he will surely and most certainly enter Jannah."

  6. Keep the Miswaak with you, by using it the reward of ones salaah will increase seventy fold.

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